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One form of Email Scam : AFFHA

Recently we received a mail on our contact form. A gentleman congratulated us on our good work (yay :-)) and enquired about one email that he has received. Quoting from the mail,

“just today i have received an email for donation on humanitarian ground for the websitehttp://www.affha.org/donations.html
Also someone posing as a representative has send email for becoming a rice supplier to this organization on long term basis.
On the first look the website appears find … but when i googled a little i found that there have been rounds of such fake emails going on. (http://blog.dynamoo.com/2013/11/african-development-humanitarian.html)
Can you please help me know whether this organization affha exits or not?”

The answer is obvious. Just mark these mails as spam and ignore. Do not click on any of the links unless you are in a sandbox.

He seems to be quite clued in and did his research, but there are many people who fall for these scams.  If one takes the bait, many things may happen. Starting with your donation money going to wrong folks to you sending your rice (second bait) to them without getting paid a dime. There are variations of this theme everywhere and many do fall for it.

Unfortunate part of these scams is, there is no solution once you get conned. These are spread across the world and victim’s country’s law and law enforcement will not reach them at all. Only safe way is not to fall for these in the first place. My heart goes out to folks who fall for these, typically unaware and probably desperate.

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