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How to hack ? Dont; For your own sake !!

My SEO person pointed to me that about 15-20% of folks reach our website are reaching with keyword searches such as “How to hack FB for free”, “Fake email generator” etc. The demography puts them as young adults. This post is for them.

It is so easy to be tempted by fun, thrill and swayed by negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and pain. But just pause and think for a moment, Is it really worth it ? Consider these

  • It is crime in most countries and punishable under many new and old laws.
  • In spite of all sorts of technology precaution, with the law enforcement it is very easy to retrieve your activities online. Nothing is truly anonymous.
  • Internet never forgets anything. You are leaving a permanent mark of your criminal activities.
  • It will have severe impact on your career, social life, your family, in short life itself.

Check the case below for details of the judgment https://www.argbyte.com/2015/07/cyber-stalking-judgement-details/.

So just dont. There are many healthy ways of dealing with emotions, talk to your friends, family or a psychologist.

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