Introductory Video

1) So what kind of trouble can you help with ?

We can provide support for all sorts of issues and (some non issues ­čÖé as well. ┬áTypical cases deal with online stalking, cyber bullying, dealing with hacked accounts, tracing emails and explanation on legal aspects. Some have approached us with questions like Am I hacked ? My account is behaving abnormally.

2) Who is your typical customer ?

All cyber crime victims can be our customers. Generally the best solution is to go to the Police or law enforcement officials. However in many cases the cases aren’t severe enough and typically people would like to know more and confirm suspicions before going to police. In some cases the situation is not severe enough to warrant already overloaded police. Some folks for various sensitive and cultural reasons wouldn’t want to approach police. That is where we come in. We can also help deal with police for cases requiring extensive forensic help.

3) So how does it work ?

Typically you reach us via email, chat or phone (coming soon). After the initial exchange of mails we can setup a session on video chat with you and walk you through steps needed to figure out. Depending on the case we can work with offline headers and files to provide necessary guidance.

4) Will you be able to resolve all cases ?

We try to provide an objective analyses of the data available. In certain situations where the culprit has taken enough precautions to not to leave digital footprints. In which case we would like to advise folks to escalate it to law enforcement officials.

5) What kind of methods do you use ?

Over the years we have built up channels with eco system players (software, telecom, law enforcement) and use legally allowed methods to figure out a acceptable solutions. For some cases though you would need help of law enforcement officials to go to next level of data collection.

6) How much does it cost ?

We are very reasonable. For folks who cant afford we can provide pro-bono support as well. Drop us a line and we can figure out something.