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Hacked Facebook Account Recovery !

Recently two folks contacted us through our site. One from a country known for hackers and other from Mediterranean region. One from the hacked country had details of his education and work for a good measure so that we take the case seriously (We do take all seriously and we have methods to check for spams wherever possible and sandbox most of our communication).  However Thank you for pre-emptive measure sir.

Here is the synopsis. When they try to access their account it says it rejects due to wrong password although it is the password they remember. The forgot password doesn’t work either as the hacker possibly would have changed the password recovery email.  They both wanted us to recover the account. These kind of cases do not really require too much help from experts.

Here is the process, just go here and provide https://www.facebook.com/hacked and provide the email you registered originally with. It asks for some confirmation information and then restores the account for you. You may have to wait for sometime though.

Who hacked ?

This is the difficult part !! Unless you have some other circumstantial evidence, it is generally difficult(not impossible) to figure out who hacked. Better would be to add additional security measure in the way of “login session restrictions” and two factor authentication.

In some cases the hacker is just lurking (and not blocked you out), best in those cases some idea of who this is can be gained by looking at the activity log of the sessions.

Contact us at contact@argbyte.com for more information.

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