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Facebook Account hacked !

An elderly gentlemen approached us (Well he is related to one of us). He is 70+ and uses FB as a social outlet. His children live elsewhere and he uses this as a means to keep in touch with his extended family. He is also part of many social groups on FB mainly dealing with community and some religious groups as well. While he is well educated and computer savvy he isn’t a big on computer security.


His trouble started randomly. He started noticing posts supposedly originated from him on his friends timeline. The post was vulgar in nature with a video attached of what seems like a scantily clad woman. He was horrified and promptly changed his password, deleted the posts and left apologies on the friends and family’s timeline. Also updated his status saying his account is hacked and expressed opinion that this was an attack on a particular community. But the posts continued.

That is when he approached us. We first assured him that this will be solved. After looking at the few timeline updates, we realized that this was a virus running amok. So we sat him down explained the concept of virus and assured him that there is nothing personal about this and this is a random software that is doing this. Then we went about the process of cleaning his account of the virus’s. A detailed step by step process is here https://www.facebook.com/notes/port-grand-karachi/how-do-i-get-rid-of-a-facebook-virus/347039501986645. We gave him some instructions on changing the password and not installing random apps that show up on the sidebar.

He spent two days worrying if it is coming back and is happy that it is back to normal.

This was a trivial issue but in some case a real hack may happen in which case we will do thorough analyses of the session locations, activity analyses and provide a report.
In extreme cases the hacker may lock you out, in which case you (we can help) can report it to FB and get your account deleted or reclaim it.

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