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Online Safety v/s Social Obscurity !

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Recently we held a session on online safety in an elite school. Session was full of teenagers, bright kids full of mischief and eager to conquer the world. Most of them are avid users of facebook and some hesitantly admitted to being ethical hackers.

I discussed them about Cyber Safety, many are aware of the general issues but the areas that seem to surprise them are

1. Privacy : Nothing is really private even if the electronic exchange has happened between two individuals.

2. Legal Aspects : Many were unaware of the illegal nature of somethings. Many things that they had taken as granted turned out to be illegal.

I spoke to reachers as well, they were concerned about the amount of information that the kids disclose online. It is thin line here. Many kids feel that they will be cut off from mainstream circles if they don’t behave certain way. All the tradeoffs of offline social life get more highlighted in in online world.

How does one manage the balance in such scenario ? Here is what I told them, take a look at it.