Detect Fake Profiles

Helps Businesses and Individuals to Identify fake profiles and prevent fraud.

ArgByte has been tremendously helpful in getting the data needed for us to prosecute ! Great knowledge with sensitive attitude !

CEO of a boutique company

My FB account was hacked. The consultants at ArgByte were great in helping me navigate the process and get back my account !


I was hassled by a series of abusive mails. Argbyte helped me track the origin of abusive emails and provide a method to safe guard myself !

Class XII Student

Knowledge Database

Read prevalent trends and real online frauds here.

IronSense (Beta) !!

IronSense is a SaaS platform/apiĀ and plugin which when presented with fraudulent profiles can detect similar profiles thus enabling user to vigilant and remove the profiles from the network

Detect Fake Profiles (IronSense)

A platform to detect and prevent fakes profiles in your network. Read the concept paper here.

Extensive Legal Background

Our experts are quite adept at IT laws and can help you navigate through the process.

Probono consulting

We believe in pay it forward culture. If you are in trouble and cant afford to pay, reach out to us anyway, we will see how best we can help you out !